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Apple Mac Repairs


Apple Macs

From Apple I-Macs to Apple Mac-books Geek Fix can repair and remedy a variety of issues. Apple devices are notoriously expensive however they do retain their value extremely well if they are well looked after. It also makes worth looking into the repair of your device as it is usually cheaper to repair than replace. Give Geek Fix a call and discuss your repair with us now.

Inside of an apple imac.

Hard Drive Replacement

Apple I-Macs are incredible home computers and last a long time if looked after. However they have the same achilles heel as all computers and that is the lifespan of a mechanical hard drive. From old to new models, from I-Macs to Mac-books, just give Geek Fix a call to discuss your options. Hard drive swap outs can be done without affecting any user data and the machine is returned to you like nothing has changed.


Liquid Damage/Dropped?

It happens to everyone, spilling a drink over your precious apple device or being accidentally dropped. Geek Fix cannot stress how important it is to immediately power down any device if you suspect any liquid over it. Call Geek Fix and we can act immediately to strip down and clean any water/sugar drinks before the damage is done. As long as the device was powered down and brought in the same day for inspection, then the success rate of repair is extremely high.