Geek Fix
Geek Fix


Internet Issues


Is this your network, worse still has your network failed and you don't know where to start? Let Geek Fix unravel the mess, find the fault and get you up and running in record time!

Whole Home Wifi and Cable

Whole home wifi coverage in an attic cabinet with centralised Apple Time-capsule backup.

Entry level whole home WiFi providing dual band 2.4ghz and 5ghz throughout your house. With dedicated cabling to each access point we can guarantee stable, fast WiFi.

Full Audio/TV/Internet and Wifi


This is our ultimate solution providing a centralised location for your smart home. This service is tailored to your needs and requirements. Due to the cabling requirements this is generally recommended to plan during house construction. Geek Fix only uses high end, pure copper shielded ethernet cables from Germany with a 25yr warranty.

Outdoor Wifi


An easy add on to your home WiFi intended for large gardens or wanting WiFi coverage to your outdoor pool. The possibility is endless, pubs wanting to provide clients with WiFi in their beer garden, restaurants providing WiFi to outdoor dining areas or Hotels wanting to do the same.

Long Distance Wifi


Have outbuildings? A gym in your garden but out of range of your home WiFi? Cabled ethernet can reach up to 100m, whilst using point to point WiFi Geek Fix can provide internet up to 3km to your buildings.