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Geek Fix

Windows Computers

Windows Computers

From laptops to desktops, Geek Fix fixes them all.

Most laptops and desktop computers will be running Microsoft Windows 10 now. We can help in all aspects of desktop and laptop support, from password access to system failures. As we are mobile we come to you at a time that suits you.

From home residential visits to business site visits, we have experience in all areas of pc use with confidentiality guaranteed.

Data Recovery

Faulty or damaged hard drive.

Has your hard drive failed? Does your computer report a faulty hard drive? Just need to transfer data from one computer to another? We can help in all aspects of data recovery. To increase the success for recovery please contact us as soon as the failure occurs. Constant powering up of a faulty drive can quickly and drastically reduce the chances for successful recovery.

Damaged Screens

Cracked and damaged laptop screens are never as bad as they look.

Cracked or damaged laptop screen? Although looks bad, most laptop screens are straight forward to swap and here at Geek Fix we generally aim to have a new screen fitted in 2-3 days. As usual this can include collection and return.

Custom Builds

Top of the range CUSTOM builds.

Want ultimate performance? Custom builds are as flexible as the client and budget require and we strive to provide the ultimate system for your needs. Here at Geek Fix all our custom builds come with manufacture warranties intact and range from 2-10 years dependant on each individual part.

Computer Hardware Clean-outs


From High to Low systems all computers and laptops are desperate for cool air to keep internals and components cool and below required specifications. Build up of dirt and debris on cooling components on laptop cooling, water cooled or air cooled desktop computers can over time drastically reduce the performance and life of the system.  Call us now to book in for a system check.

Damaged Laptop Power Socket

Laptop Power Socket.

Laptops achilles heel is their power socket! Easily caught, knocked or forced causing your laptop to stop charging. There are 2 main ways of replacing damaged power sockets. The first having the power socket on a cable making a generally easy repair. Some manufacturers however direct solder the socket onto your main board making for a harder repair as in the photo above.