Computer Repair & Support

Windows and Apple PC repairs and laptop repairs. Custom PC builds and support. Remote and onsite support available.

Windows PC Repair

Geek Fix specialises in all forms of Windows based pc's ranging from your basic "off the shelf" towers to the more complex repairs required with custom builds. Geek Fix has seen it all, from poorly built well intentioned new build pc's to miss matched parts. We've dealt with badly behaving windows driver software issues to clients just needing some help installing software for work. Whatever the issue, give Geek Fix a call for remote or onsite support.

Apple Mac Repairs

Geek Fix can provide full support with all Apple related hardware. We can assist with transfering data and setting up new iMac or MacBooks. A common problem with older iMac and MacBooks are hard drive issues due to age. They can become slow or faulty, but we can resolve this quickly and efficiently with faster SSD hard drives. This will breathe new life in to your product and give it a much needed boost! So if your Mac is taking 5 minutes to load, give Geek Fix a call and we can resolve all your problems.

Computer Liquid Damage

First and foremost if you've got this far then you've probably spilled some form of liquid on your precious pc or laptop. If that is the case then immediately power down your device. Do NOT power it on again and call Geek Fix. The faster that we can get your device, the higher the chance of a successful repair. With years of experience Geek Fix can bring liquid damaged devices back to life and protect your data.

Custom PC Builds

Geek Fix has built many custom pc's to match all budgets. From entry level gaming pc's to extremely high end water cooled gamin pc's. All our custom build computers are built with the customers requirements in mind whilst providing the best warranty policy in the area. Geek Fix passes on all the manufacturer warranties to the client so if the power supply comes with a 10yr warranty then guess what? You get a 10yr power supply warranty! Just unbeatable!