high speed wIFI installation & Network Support

High Speed Home and Business Wifi Installation & Support. Network & Ethernet Cable Installation.

High Speed Wifi Installation & Support

Poor Wifi coverage at home or the office? Full bespoke high speed Wifi is easily installed to any sized house or office. Suitable from one Wireless unit to a Multi Point Whole Home Wifi! Geek Fix has years of experience installing end point solutions to your Wifi problems. Systems can be tailored to all budgets, so get in touch and see how we can help you.

Outdoor Wifi

Geek Fix has installed outdoor Wifi solutions for multiple purposes. We can provide Wifi coverage for any situation, such as outdoor restaurant seating areas, family home patio areas or providing a long-distance Wifi Bridge connection to a garden pool house.

Ethernet Cable Wiring

Running of full copper high quality ethernet cabling can expand your network and solve stability issues. This can help provide solid, stable connections to any device attached to the network, from SkyQ to Xbox's, Laptops to Gaming Pc's. From single line installations to full network installations, Geek Fix has the experience needed for any requirements.