high speed wIFI installation & Network Support in Harrogate

High Speed Home and Business Wifi Installation & Support in Harrogate. Network & Ethernet Cable Installation.

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High Speed Wifi Installation & Support

Struggling with unreliable Wi-Fi coverage at your Harrogate home or office? Geek Fix specialises in crafting customised high-speed Wi-Fi solutions to address connectivity issues of any scale. Whether you're looking to enhance a single wireless unit or create a multi-point whole-home Wi-Fi network, our experience spans across installations that cater to every budget. Let us bring seamless Wi-Fi support to your doorstep in Harrogate.

Outdoor Wifi

Harrogate's outdoor Wi-Fi needs are covered by Geek Fix. Whether it's boosting Wi-Fi in outdoor seating areas, patio spaces, or establishing long-range Wi-Fi connections to garden pool houses, we have the solutions for you. Connect with us to enhance your outdoor connectivity in Harrogate.

Ethernet Cable Wiring

Struggling with network stability and expansion in Harrogate? Geek Fix offers high-quality full copper ethernet cabling installations that provide dependable connections to all network devices. Whether it's SkyQ, Xbox, laptops, or gaming PCs, our solutions ensure solid performance. From single-line setups to full network installations, Geek Fix has the expertise to meet your needs. Enhance your network's reliability in Harrogate – contact us today.

Why Us?


Our mission is to provide cost-effective, lasting network solutions for Harrogate residents and businesses. Our support encompasses both remote and on-site expertise, ensuring that Harrogate's local community receives top-notch assistance for their tech needs.


Navigating the dynamic world of technology can be overwhelming. At Geek Fix Harrogate, our objective is to offer an unparalleled experience tailored to your specific requirements. Our commitment to delivering the utmost professional service is unwavering, regardless of budget. Your satisfaction is guaranteed, as reflected in our positive reviews.


Geek Fix started in 2013 in the beautiful spa town of Harrogate in North Yorkshire, and we have continued to provide dedicated onsite technical support for all your IT needs. From computers to laptops, from internet and wifi issues to CCTV and tv/audio solutions. Having years of experience puts us in the best position to provide you with the highest quality service and permanent network solutions.